Funny story I have to share with you guys. My Z man is a character, and I mean a CHARACTER. This kiddo is the center of attention, he has that certain je ne sais quoi we yearn for.

So, Z Man (as I call him) has a funny name for me. NO, he doesn’t call me Johanna because it’s off limits. We all know THAT kid that called his parents by their first name, but that does not fly in a Latin household. The chancleta would not only be your friend, it would be implanted on your derriere. FYI, not a good look! So back to my point…. Z started calling me MAMAZILLA! (Surprised Emoji)

MMM..HHMMMM…MAMAZILLA ! I have no idea where he got this name…I’m also kind of scared to ask what it really means. Does he think I’m Godzilla, a monster…  Instead of the sweet mother that lets him get away with murder?! Contrary to what my husband thinks, I’m the disciplinarian. My husband is laid back and cool. He doesn’t lose his cool but the crazy Latina, yup she is cray cray!   So….. is this why I’m Mamazilla?!?! (Insert crying emoji))

Oh, geez…..que problema! It could really be a problem but I’m laughing at it. When he calls me Mamazilla, I respond with “Hey, little Zilla.” I read an article on Parenting Magazine and they said kids are discovering who they are and it’s also a way toddlers express the way they love you. I’m going to take it as him loving me as big as Godzilla.

What do you call your momma?


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