Valentine’s Day!

Let’s be real, it’s another Hallmark holiday. YES..restaurants, flower companies want your money and I don’t blame them because I also want your money if you want to give it to me.

What does V Day really mean? It’s about LOVE! Ladies, news flash if he can’t love you every day and make you feel special then forget about it. I say, take the gift and replace him if you feel he is not  that good. (j/K)  OK, maybe I’m not kidding!

REAL TALK- it’s all about love and let’s not forget that it should be about LOVE 365 days of the year. So since we are talking about love, don’t forget to LOVE YOURSELF and FORGIVE YOURSELF for what you have done.

Confession Friday! I love myself so much I bought myself these shoes and I forgive myself because I shouldn’t be shopping. Oh well…. its Valentine’s Day!

photo-6 vd


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