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Malaria kills more than 600,000 people every year. Children are likely the victims… some in Latin America and Asia, but mostly in Africa.

Every 60 seconds a child dies from Malaria in Africa.  When you hear those numbers- IT’S SCARY AND SAD!

My friend, Ruth Riley, asked me to participate on a charity ride at FlyWheel. I haven’t attended a spinning class in… WELL, I can’t even remember! But, I put on my big girl pants (gym clothes) and went for it. Why not? It’s for a great cause and whatever pain I am feeling DOES NOT relate to the pain those babies in Africa feel. :(

Today is World Malaria Day. I wanted to share the pictures of yesterday’s class. I donated to the organization,, and hopefully you guys can do something to help out. If not for this organization, maybe for another.

Remember, the more you give – the more you get!

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