Don’t get rid of…

your outdoor patio!

I am a lover of new things: love new car smell and anything new! I was SO over my outdoor patio furniture, it was getting old and it had a little bit of rust on it.

Instead of abiding with the famous quote “out with the old and in with the new,” I gave my outdoor furniture a facelift!

Take a look at what it looked like before:


I bought metal spray paint, protected my concrete floor, put on some rubber gloves and sprayed that bad boy down.



I’m totally in love with it’s new look! I selected black so it could match with anything – black is black! You can never go wrong with black.



So before you get rid of your furniture, think of a way you can give it a facelift!

Trust me, it will be easier on your wallet and you can scratch that DIY item off your bucket list.



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