I Have the Secret for YOUR Picky Eater!

I have to share with you guys what I use to get my kids to eat everything. My Z’s are not picky eaters. I started giving them everything I ate from when they were little.  A friend gave me the best advice, “by the time they are 12 months, they should eat everything you eat.” I took that advice and I ran!!

I do have the answer for your picky eater. This will get your kid eating all the veggies they need, and they won’t even know it!

So here it is… DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS by Jessica Seinfeld. 


I love this book! It’s simple, trust me if I can do it- you can also!

Here are some of favorite recipes:




Let me tell you, I don’t need to be deceptive, but it sure helped me NOT dread mealtimes. My kids love everything! They eat broccoli, brussel sprouts, and even kale.  Moms: if you have picky eaters, this book is a must!

Trust me, if I didn’t burn the kitchen down, you won’t!


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