Pick a hat… any hat!

Let me first start off by saying I don’t think this is a mommy blog. Not that there is anything wrong with a mommy blog-but I wear many hats. Sometimes  I play mom, wifey, a radio personality and then there are days I am a TV personality. Right now… the mommy hat is on!

I did an appearance On AM Tonight.


A news talk format show on Fusion; ABC’s and Univision’s new television station. The topic was on “bad moms” and how NOW there is a new wave of “bad mommas.”  The gist of the conversation- what is a bad momma  and are we, women, outing each other??

NEWS FLASH, if being a bad momma is not feeding my child  all organic meals, letting them sleep in my bed. Well sign me up… because I guess I’m bad!

If you dare tell me you never cared for cliff notes- I might just go Richard Sherman on you!photo-9

(YES, we all  have a little Sherman in us. )

You need  cliff notes and shortcuts to balance the craziness of life. Yes, I have forgotten about picture day and I didn’t nurse my son for 6 months. SHAME ON ME!!! SAYS WHO?!  WHY ARE WE JUDGING EACH OTHER?

We need to stop with the labels and let’s empower each other a bit more. We are the only ones that can wear many hats and do a great job at it. Sorry fellas, it’s not a diss its called real talk.  Ladies, let’s stop with the labels and let’s embrace how we do what we can, to make it work. In my humble opinion,  if we took the time to work together instead of pointing fingers and labeling each other… things would be easier.

The ONLY labels I like are hanging in my closet.

With that said… I’m taking off the mommy hat and I am putting on my husband’s girlfriends hat… yup I wear that hat sometimes, too.

Muchos Besos!




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