Z’s First Breakup!



How do you explain to your almost 5 year old sports FANATIC kid, that the biggest superstar on the team you root for… has left the building!?

You fully expect the water works to become *real* as you try to console your little human and explain that it’s all going to be okay. You anticipate his/her sobbing to go up in volume and yes, even the boogers to make an appearance.

Listen, the last thing you want is for your kid to become that guy or girl that hates on any player so much that they have a LeBron hater shrine in their home. It’s only sports… chill out!

So what do you do?

Let him/her cry it out and have his or her come to Jesus party about it. Once he/she is calm, explain to them that all their emotions are okay and that they can still root for LeBron; as long as he is not playing against the Heat.




We all deal with things differently. I normally shut it down and need a couple of hours to process. Even though they are little humans- they have feelings and they definitely have opinions.

Z only knows going to the finals. He has seen and been a part of two parades. Explaining that the Heat lost this year was tough enough. Explaining that LeBron James is LeGone, I thought was going to be dreadful!

So what really happened at my house?

Z didn’t shed a tear but he did go through and array of feelings. He first said, “I heard, so now who will be our king?” I explained, “Well LeBron is known as the king. The Miami Heat will have a new king.”  Z got quiet and then sad, but still no tears. An hour later he tells me, “It’s okay, Shabazz Napier will be our new king.”  I responded, “That’s the spirit.”

My phone rings and it’s my better half. Who, by the way, I also had to check up on to make sure he was ok.

We’re chatting on speaker and here comes Z. “Hi daddy. I already made up my mind… I’m not wearing my LeBron Heat jersey anymore. We are getting a new king.” We laugh, and just love his attitude of “Un clavo Nuevo saca un clavo viejo.”

I also told Z to get use to all this craziness; the only thing we know about sports is that change is constant.




  1. Holly says:

    Would be nice if certain athletes would be a better example to our children. Proving that things such as loyalty and integrity really do mean something, and that when the going gets tough you don’t quit and run away…

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