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I LOVED this book and I could not drop it. I’ve had my nose in my tablet for days. Permission To Parent, by Robin Berman, MD should be read by every parent.

I’ve read a couple of parenting books but this one by far has made me look at parenting with a new set of eyes. I have three kids, who are all different and what works with one might not work with the other.

I’m not very sensitive and at times it could be perceived as mean. I used one of Dr. Berman’s tools on my oldest Z who loves to negotiate! (he gets it from his father)

I used the reverse negotiation on him that Dr. Berman suggested and it worked. I was shocked! My little debater was silenced and in bed. It hasn’t been simple and it’s a work in progress but we’re getting there.  Isn’t that what parenting is all about?!?!

We need to motivate each other to parent better and talk about our many mess-ups. Let’s stop judging and let’s start evolving together.

Go get the book and then tell me what you think… add it to your summer reads!


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