Boo-boo Problems


My 4 year old fell at school the other day while he was attempting to imitate LeBron James. YES!! One of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Z got his first knee scuffs. What came next, well you know ..the waterworks and the fixaton that he got a boo-boo, not one but two on BOTH knees!

When I came home from work he was in bed. He told me he couldn’t get up because, hello… he got a boo-boo. So I approached it like this. First, I was sensitive to his feelings.  Then I continued to tell  him that he  was cool because he had some scars to compare with everyone else like me. After we compared scars I told him not to think of it. That did not work and then I told him what my mom use to tell me. “Se te va salir el mondongo.” Followed by a big LOL and a hug. I told him don’t worry -your liver isnt going to come out of your knees. Heck, if that didn’t get his attention nothing was. Safe to say, the fixation is well over but he still thinks he can dunk like LeBron. He is my child, a dreamer and persistent like his father. #parenting #ITSNOTTHATSERIOUS


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