Motherhood Trance

AAAAAA….YES!!! That’s where I have been. The wild, crazy, very spontaneous life called, PARENTING!

The newest member of my clique is Zia Stowe. She’s fabo, as in fabulous!

She is 8 weeks young and NO… she is not sleeping through the night. The good news is I know one day she will. That’s at least the mind games I tell myself at 3AM.

I know she is still too little to expect her to sleep, so I’m not complaining. We can all agree it’s venting! I’ve read about five books to  put me on the sleeping track. They all sound the same with a different approach. You have to love this experience because every one has an opinion. The reality is you have to find your rhythm, whether you have one, three or eleven kids. YES, there are people that have ELEVEN kids.

The hardest job is being at home. Stay at home Moms and Dads, I bow down to you.

With that said, I am lazy and I will be back at work.  :)

I wanted to share these pics of my Zia and my clique. Enjoy and we will talk next week my friends!






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