I’ve Been On Both Teams!



It’s World Breastfeeding Week and Awareness Month!

I had to join in on the fun!! I am an extremist, it’s all or nothing!!

Breastfeeding is very natural but it’s HARD, very, very HARD!! Yes, it felt at times as if I was on a football field and I was getting my boob handed to me.

My Experience: 

With Zayden, my beautiful first child I thought he was going to latch on and start sucking-NOT!! I was only able to nurse Z for 8 weeks, I had baby blues, first time everything and boy oh boy was it rough.

Needless to say when queen Z was on the horizon; I did all my research and I was ready to take on the challenge. I nursed Zahara for 17 months. By the way, she is 17 months! ((Yeah, close your mouth and if you are wondering, yes she has teeth!!))

I did it and I told you I’m an extremist!

How did I do it?

Well it was hard and I did what I could do. I had ten weeks before I was going back to work. The first 6 weeks were difficult but I exclusively nursed. I slept during the day. I had my mom help me and my husband at night. Once queen Z was latched on- she was on, but then she didn’t want the bottle.  REALLY?!! ((My reaction exactly!)) I nursed everywhere. I was discreet but my boob was out everywhere! NO SHAME IN THE GAME!!

So I have decided I did an amazing job. I nursed my second child, with a full time job, a husband and two dogs. It definitely does not make  me a better mom the second time around, but it was my personal challenge and I did it.

Where do we stand?

It’s only been a week of the weaning process. Yes, she still looks for my boobs but I tell her “no more.” I’m standing strong on the no’s!

Nursing your child is not easy and I’ve been on both sides, the “I hated it,” and the “I can’t stop her from nursing.”

Happy World Breastfeeding Week and cheers to all the moms who did, didn’t and those who tried!



  1. Lauren says:

    Thats great! I only breastfed Hudson for 3 months since he never latched so I had to pump. (ugh) With Mila I made it to 6 months… and I was COUNTING down the days til I could be done. That is awesome that you are just starting to wean Z off now!

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