I Give Up!

That’s it, I’m waving the white flag, I’m throwing in the towel!! I GiVE UP!!
But please, don’t judge me when you see my four year old wear all sports related team jersey’s, t-shirts, etc…

I have no say and I don’t give up!
We fight everyday. I have even taken him shopping and I’ve let him decide on his clothes. All he wants to wear are jerseys, those promotional t-shirts sports teams give away, Nike t-shirts… Oh, and did I forget to
mention the most colorful high basketball socks with LeBrons on the market. YES!! Remember you are not allowed to judge me.

And since we are speaking about
Judging and fashion, let me begin.

I don’t care how fashionable
the Olsen twins are, wearing socks with sandals isn’t!

Stop it right now, it’s not cute!
PEOPLE, let’s come to grips with
what’s trendy and what’s just hideous looking. Btw, the Jesus sandals, yes I know they are called Birkenstock aren’t cute also. So please, retire
them! Jesus called and he wants them back!
Vayan Con Dios, I have a four year old to try to convince I’m fashionable.

Moms, are you suffering with me and to all my fashionistas will you rock the sandals socks look? And no I’m not talking about the channel ¬†shoes.


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